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kalinlaw is a Japanese and British artist based in Tokyo, Japan. She graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from Tyler School of Art and has been experimenting with different mediums to find her style -only to return to the root of classic art; paint on canvas.

-plant based artist-

Her main subjects are nature, especially flowers. She likes to depict how intertwined they are with human beings. 




Instagram: @kalinlaw
Tokyo, Japan


2021. 9.15-23 Solo Exhibition "Made in Paradise" - [Space Banksia] Tokyo, Japan 

2022. 2.26 Group Exhibition Tokyo Love Hotels - [Sankeys Penthouse] Tokyo, Japan

2022. 10.1-31 Solo Exhibition "Nightlife" - [Privilege] Tokyo, Japan

2023. 1.28 Group Exhibition Gianna Another Launch Party - [WITH HARAJUKU HALL] Tokyo, Japan

2023. 2.17-26 Solo Exhibition "Planting Seeds" - [Studio Cien] Tokyo, Japan

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